The Barber Lounge: San Francisco, California

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854 Folsom St. • San Francisco, CA 94107 • 415.934.0411



Do you normally head to the barbershop every few weeks for a trim or a straight razor line-up? If you like it high and tight, dig a clipper cut, a classic men's style, or a very short haircut, our barbershop is for you. Our talented barbers have a range of experience, from Apprentice to Master Barber, and their prices reflect their years of experience.

If your hair is a bit longer and you're looking for a haircut with a bit more of an artistic edge, or you prefer to wait 4-6 weeks between haircuts, you should see a Stylist at our Hair Salon.

The Barbershop tends to be very busy - we recommend that you book barbering appointments at least a few days in advance. For weekend appointments, we recommend that you make your reservation at least one to two weeks in advance. If the barbershop is booked and you need to get in, we will always do our best to accommodate you in the salon area, but the cost will be a bit higher.

Barber Services


Deluxe Barber Cut

Includes a Stress-Relieving Scalp Treatment, shampoo & soothing hot towel wrap & style. (45 min.)


Dry Barber Cut

When you need a quick cut, this one gets you in and out lickety split! (30 min.)


Deluxe Hot Towel Shave

After applying a hot lather of shaving cream, our barbers use steel straight razors and meticulous, masterful techniques to ensure the closest possible shave. Finally, we apply an indulgent cooling mask and a soothing eye treatment, and then finish with our signature aftershave, leaving you with the rich and refreshing aromas of organic lavender, vetiver and lemon. It’s guaranteed to increase the overall kiss-ability of your face by at least 86 percent! (45 min.)

Additional Barber Services


Hot Towel Shave


Head Shave


Head & Face Shave


Men's Gray Blending


Neck Trim/Line Up


Mustache Trim


Beard & Mustache Trim

Beard & Mustache Shaping


Facial Hair Gray Blending


Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment


Design Work



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